True Friendship

So there I was, contemplating drowning my sorrows in a bowl of ice cream, (or several bowls of ice cream) feeling sorry for myself and in a funk. No good reason, no logic, no switch, just me, alone, in a down and out mood. Content to wallow in my own self pity I turned down a friends offer of going over for dessert (cheesecake!!!), got comfy on the couch and switched on a movie.  Even Channing Tatum half naked did not cheer me and before long I knew I needed to get my sorry self out of the house. 
“Do you still feel like a visitor” I text my friend. Just an hours escape then it would be late enough to justify crawling into bed and sleeping my bad mood away. I was out the door before I even read her reply, “Yeah, Bub.”

True friendship, Not knowing why you are needed, but knowing you are needed and being there. Another sign of true friendship is not knocking at the door but bowling on in and making oneself at home. I plopped down on the floor in front of the couch and absentmindedly started helping her fold some towels.

Four hours later, a new day was about to begin, I figured I should get myself home to bed.  “I hope I got you out of your funk even for a bit” my friend said as she walked me outside. What funk? I thought to myself, realizing that I had forgotten the mood I had been in earlier. I drove home reflecting on how a person can do so much, whilst saying so little. I wonder if she even realizes what she means to me? She will if I tell her.  Leigh, you’re a star. 

Through thick & thin, good times & bad, laughter and tears, worries and fears, excitement and adventure, I’ve found a friend who will accept my crazy and show me hers. She judges not, but listens with care, lends me a shoulder or an ear. Lorde sums it up, ” and you know, we’re on each others team.” I’ve got her back, she’s got mine, no questions asked, no answers needed.