8. Sport (Part one – to be continued)

 As I reflect on tonight’s social sport battle, (victory) and contemplate the next few days,  which include netball training, cross country, Saturday morning sport, Ethan’s weekly Basketball game and catching up on my share of Super 15,  ANZ Championship and some NBA, I realize that I am surrounded by sport.  I think it is safe to say, I am not alone in this.
 Considering the 100’s of sports out there it’s fair to say my sports of choice (Soccer, Rugby, Netball, American Football & Tennis) may not be everyone’s first choice but a significant number of people, play/ support/ watch or have some form of involvement in sport.  Personally I don’t think ‘a significant number’ is enough. Everyone should indulge in a little sport where possible, there really is something for everyone, from Paddle Sports, Air sports, snow sports to climbing sports and shooting sport.  The word ‘Sport’ covers a wide range of activities. To me sport is a form of physical activity that is governed by a set of rules or customs in which an individual or team partakes, often competitively. 
It boggles my mind to think that some people are fully obsessed with or immersed into a sporting culture whilst others ‘don’t like sport.’  Working in a secondary school I hear this occasionally and I want to scream. I am sure PE teachers get the full extent of complaints and excuses and to be honest I am not sure how they cope.  I understand we all have aspects in life we do not like or enjoy, take myself for example, I do not like high jump and it does not like me (the joys of being vertically challenged) but I would not rule out all sports in one swift movement.  These ‘haters’ of physical activity need their xbox’s, couches and lazy attitudes removed and their eyes opened to the many benefits of sport.