A Challenge for the Adults

So there I was, walking briskly toward my car with a dress jacket in one hand and a laptop bag in the other feeling strangely grown up. The staff meeting was over and it was home time. Moments later I find myseIf collecting the mail from our letter box, intrigued by the this weeks issue of ‘Time’ magazine and it’s bold title about curing cancer cementing the fact that I am now immersed in adulthood.  When did I become surrounded by the adult world?

Maybe it’s the fact that I work in a high school and I am frequently reminded of life at high school but I do not know where the last ten years have gone. When did I start wearing Jackets, taking my work home and reading ‘Time’  magazine?  Cancer used to be a word associated with other people. Jackets were worn by the lawyers on Boston Legal.  Making sure I completed homework on time, gel pens and knowing what everyone got up to on the weekend is now irrelevant.

Growing up is a funny thing. It snuck up on me when I was not looking. I am sure I got my first wrinkle the other day. It likes to play hide & seek in the mirror. Some days it’s there and on a good day it is not.  

As the calendar rushes, all too quickly, towards another birthday I find myself wishing time would stand still so I could enjoy the moment. Instead many moments fly in and out and leave little time for reflection or enjoyment. My challenge to myself and you (yes you reading this) is to enjoy the small things, observe, feel, and don’t think. Don’t use unnecessary energy wondering what could be, what has been or what is. Just be. Bonus points if you can add Happy to that. Just. Be. Happy.  

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